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G&H Ozonated Olive Oil

£25.99 Inc VAT

Ozone olive oil is produced by passing a high concentration of medical ozone gas through a certain dose and a long time pure organic olive oil.


  • Skin Wrinkle Removal and Skin Renewal
  • Anti-cellulite
  • Severe and Mild Acne and the marks it leaves behind
  • Heel Cracks
  • After Laser Hair Removal

Size: 75ml

Savgu Epimedyum

£33.99 Inc VAT

The Epimedyum product, has, we have been told, has the best aphrodisiac qualities available in the market, so you we recommend that it is used cautiously. Glucose and derivatives are used as the main base of the paste type products.

Size: 10ml

Savgu Sultan Elixir

£45.99 Inc VAT

For this incredible formula, 8 ingredients were selected according to the characteristics of plants used for healing people for thousands of years. These plant roots are still extracted with a special method which was kept as a guarded secret for many years. The resulting extracts of these plant roots are now mixed with a special natural formula. We call it SULTAN HEMPERY.

Size: 10ml

Alkamina Mug

£65.00 Inc VAT

Alkalinity does not burn fatty acids, but dissolves, neutralize and liquefies and removes them from the body through kidneys in a reliable way.

Normaway Mat

£550.00 Inc VAT

Thermal Mat applies therapy to your body with long far-infrared light and radiotherapy. Among the major causes for deaths in the worlds are cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiac diseases and stroke. The reason is unhealthy blood circulation and vascular diseases.