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G &H Ozonated Face Wash 250 ml

£15.99 Inc VAT

Washing face to remove makeup or and general cleaning it is recommended that you treat your skin with G&H moisturizing creams.G&H Day or G&H Night cream plus G&H Eye skin cream were appropriate.

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G&H Ozonated Anti-Aging Eye Cream 20 ml

£21.99 Inc VAT

Hyaluronic Acid, which contains intensive restorative eye cream, promotes collagen production, helps to make the eye area look radiant and bright, tighten and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Size: 20ml

G&H Ozonated Anti-Aging Day Cream 50 ml

£23.51 Inc VAT

This product looks after your skin and is protected your skin against harmful and ageing effects of all types of weather and activates the body’s natural protection mechanism. The ozone assists with penetrating deeper into the skin layers we have been told due to the extra oxygen molecule.

Size: 50ml

G&H Ozonated Olive Oil 60 ml

£25.99 Inc VAT

Ozone olive oil is produced by passing a high concentration of medical ozone gas through a certain dose and a long time pure organic olive oil.


Can help smooth out skin wrinkles and skin renewal, antibacterial, it is also a skin softener for the hands and feet so it can help with Acne problems, excellent for calming the skin after laser hair removal.

Size: 75ml