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G&H Ozonated Shower Gel 250ml

£14.99 Inc VAT

The Ozonated shower gel revitalises the body’s skin and nourishes it with oxygen and vitamins, relaxes the muscles, provides skin with stress relief.

Size: 250ml

G&H Ozonated Nappy Rash Cream 75ml

£15.51 Inc VAT

This product as well as being used for nappy rash can also be applied to other rashes caused by irritations, rashes, and redness of the skin in the body helps to prevent and eliminate the formation of sunburns by the ozone assisting with skin renewal by allowing the skin to breath and has a short time effect.

Size: 75ml

G&H Ozonated Green Goodness Serum (GGS) 50 ml

£15.99 Inc VAT

This product has proved to be beneficial to reduce some types of swelling and may reduce pain and helps reduces cellulite, may help reduce swellings and bruises. May have other excellent attribute but they are all hearsay.


Size: 150ml

G&H Ozonated Olive Oil 60 ml

£25.99 Inc VAT

Ozone olive oil is produced by passing a high concentration of medical ozone gas through a certain dose and a long time pure organic olive oil.


Can help smooth out skin wrinkles and skin renewal, antibacterial, it is also a skin softener for the hands and feet so it can help with Acne problems, excellent for calming the skin after laser hair removal.

Size: 75ml