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We searched worldwide to find the best quality Ozonated Cosmetics for our Customers.

Having met the criteria, the products are of an exceptionally high quality using Ozonated Cold Pressed Organic Olive oil as a base and not tested on animals.

What is Ozonated Olive Oil?

Ozonated olive oil is made with high quality, organic, extra-virgin, cold pressed olive oil that is put through a process of “ozone injection”, which is bubbling ozone into the liquid for an extended period of time. Many companies use a cheap corona discharge ozone generator that can lead to contamination. For purity and quality, a cold plasma ozone generator should always be used. When searching for a high-quality source of ozonated olive oil, ask the company if they are using a corona or cold plasma unit. Ozone is a reactive gas and is very hard to stabilize, but by passing it through the oil, contained within an ozone resistant container, the ozone gas begins to interact and stabilize the oil. As it is continually processed, the ozone slowly begins to turn the liquid form of the oil into an off-white coloured paste which can be also used as a base for moisturiser.

We also carry an exceptional range of additional lifestyle enhancing products.

All the products are UK/EU compliant and are fully certified to be available in the UK/EU and with full verification by reputable authorities.



Our search finally ended, the Eureka moment arrived

We now know that we have found the way to enhance the texture of your skin, whilst trying to turn back the years. “A very dear friend once said that when she looks in the mirror she takes her glasses off, so she cannot see her wrinkles!!” We believe that our ozonated products may assist in turning the clock back. So why not join the skin care revolution.

We do not make any health claims for our cosmetic products, but satisfied customers are telling us for example that they have discovered that the Green Goodness Serum, which may dissolve cellulite for many people was, we are told, beneficial as a healing serum for bumps and bruises.

Why you should use ozonated cosmetics today

Our ozonated cosmetics can be used by every type of skin texture irrespective of age or diversity. The beneficial effects ozonated cosmetics also protect against the day to day damage caused  by pollution and lifestyle, plus all materials in the cosmetics are not tested on animals

Ozonated Cold Pressed Extra virgin olive oil has multifaceted uses both for health and beauty inside and outside the body due to its purity.

All our products carry EU/UK Directive compliance allowing them to be sold in the EU/UK and abide by the EU/UK strict regulations to protect buyers

Now the serious part – if you are interested

Ozone (O3) is a colourless, pungent natural gas composed of three oxygen atoms. Ozone, is of vital importance to living beings, plants etc., as it protects us from the corrosive ultraviolet ray in the stratosphere layer. In the first years after the discovery of the properties of Ozone, studies showed that Ozone is one of the most powerful natural disinfectants killing bacteria and fungi and is used worldwide instead of chemical antibacterial disinfectants and leaves no residue.

A small lesson in the discovery of Ozonated Oils and their actions

A Dutch chemist called Van Marum in the 1800’s was probably the first person to detect ozone gas. In the description of his experiments, he mentioned the notion of a characteristic smell (similar to cucumber) around his electrifier. It is believed that he discovered ozone as a gas. Further research by later scientists, discovered the beneficial attributes when combined with other products e.g. oils.